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Is your tape based disaster recovery solution as out of date as 8-Tracks?

Imagine your team is hard at work on a large project that is going to pivot the business in a new direction. The team has many people contributing their findings, opinions, modeling, concepts, and legal ramifications for this major shift when suddenly…disaster strikes. A massive storm hits the region resulting in major power outages. Production […]

Automating Container Deployment and Stress Testing with CoreOS

SIS is working on a significant project to design and deploy a Cloud Management Platform (CMP). As part of this effort, we were tasked with the development of a self-service portal for our customers to easily deploy new workloads, manage current workloads, and configure connectivity to their Virtual Datacenters (VDCs). With that in mind, we […]

Why IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA…Shawn Stephens, Director – Power Solutions

Most customers have not made the jump from SAP ERP Suite to HANA or S/4 HANA, how do they get there? What if HANA does not provide the expected business value and reverting back to ERP Suite is desired? Suite still has a nine-year lifespan and is supported until 2025 so when should a customer […]

How Secure is the Cloud

Introduction The word “Cloud” brings up a lot of mixed opinions regarding compliance and security responsibility.  While some organizations understand the “shared” concept of responsibility with the provider, others consider the cloud as a complete transfer of their current on premise responsibility to their Provider. When deliberating a move to the cloud an organization needs […]

Big Data Part 1

What’s Big Data? Big Data is a phrase heard a lot these days. It seems like there is a lot of confusion in business as to what to do with Big Data and how to prepare for it.  Yet, Gartner predicts that Big Data will affect every industry – banking, healthcare, and transportation just to […]