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Automating Container Deployment and Stress Testing with CoreOS

SIS is working on a significant project to design and deploy a Cloud Management Platform (CMP). As part of this effort, we were tasked with the development of a self-service portal for our customers to easily deploy new workloads, manage current workloads, and configure connectivity to their Virtual Datacenters (VDCs). With that in mind, we […]

Why IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA…Shawn Stephens, Director – Power Solutions

Most customers have not made the jump from SAP ERP Suite to HANA or S/4 HANA, how do they get there? What if HANA does not provide the expected business value and reverting back to ERP Suite is desired? Suite still has a nine-year lifespan and is supported until 2025 so when should a customer […]

How Secure is the Cloud

Introduction The word “Cloud” brings up a lot of mixed opinions regarding compliance and security responsibility.  While some organizations understand the “shared” concept of responsibility with the provider, others consider the cloud as a complete transfer of their current on premise responsibility to their Provider. When deliberating a move to the cloud an organization needs […]

Big Data Part 1

What’s Big Data? Big Data is a phrase heard a lot these days. It seems like there is a lot of confusion in business as to what to do with Big Data and how to prepare for it.  Yet, Gartner predicts that Big Data will affect every industry – banking, healthcare, and transportation just to […]

Should You Move Your Cloud Off Premise?

The Private Cloud Movement Private cloud computing is a major trend in enterprises today. While most private clouds were previously based on premise, modern businesses are gradually transitioning to both off premise and hybrid options. The IT industry analyst firm, Gartner, states that most private clouds that were started on premise will eventually move to […]