A Productive Learning Environment for the Digital Age of Education

Technology is an educator’s lifeline. Groups of students, teachers, parents and peers must be in constant communication with each other. And with mission-critical data, including curriculum plans, student records, policies and procedures and professional development activities.

SIS has proven successes with education customers in creating secure managed collaborative IT environments. We understand the technology challenges unique to their field. And we employ strategic education technology solutions built to solve them:

  • Centralized portals to access and archive content.
  • Secure collaboration forums for team projects, documents and assignments.
  • Universal access to teacher lessons, assignments, reference materials and other digital information outside the class.
  • Student portal to submit assignments, pose questions and request information.
  • Audit documentation, easily organized and accessed regardless of time or geography.
  • Support for multiple operating systems with minimal staff/skills.

SIS education technology solutions are transforming teaching and learning for the digital age.