The Right Balance:

Functional and Affordable Financial Data Centers

The financial data center of the future is built on the cornerstone of consumer-centric operations. To get there, you need IT systems that are both robust and affordable. Finding this balance is hard to do when security risks, server requirements and economic conditions are changing daily. At SIS, we’re delivering robust — yet flexible — technology infrastructure solutions at a very competitive pricing structure.

These solutions help our financial clients break out of organizational silos and complex infrastructures – and evolve toward a more client-focused data center. Through high-performance, low-cost technology solutions, banks can quickly adapt business processes to optimize customer trust and mindshare. In the process, their bottom line wins too:

  • High-throughput performance
  • Floor space optimization, power, energy & cooling efficiencies
  • Customer data privacy
  • Advanced analysis & data crunching tools
  • Online trading and real-time market data exchange
  • Sophisticated financial simulation and modeling