Retail IT

From Knowledge-Share to Market Share

SIS helps retailers design and implement cost-effective, easy-to-manage retail IT solutions for protecting margins and keeping shoppers happy.

Today’s retail consumers have a world of choices. Their expectations for flawless customer service and a more personalized retail shopping experience are higher than ever — and growing, thanks to innovations in mobile technology, information technology and social media.

SIS combines proven consulting strategy, retail software and hardware technology with services to help retailers of all sizes meet their business goals by:

  • Optimizing business processes.
  • Improving communications within the supply chain.
  • Better assessing the effectiveness of promotional pricing.
  • Managing order fulfillment more cost-effectively without sacrificing service.
  • Differentiating from competitors without compromising value.
  • Reducing application development and support cost.
  • Realizing operational cost savings.

SIS has the retail knowledge to create efficient, profitable, highly connected retail enterprises where loyal customers come to shop.