Business Continuity

Business Continuity:

Insurance for Your Bottom Line

IT plays a key role in keeping your company’s systems up and running, no matter what.  We take business continuity issues seriously. Is two hours a week or six minutes a year of downtime good enough for your employees, executives, customers? What are your compliance risks?  What is the financial impact?

SIS provides high availability and disaster recovery strategies, technologies and services to help businesses manage planned and unplanned outages. SIS consultants work with you to determine your vulnerabilities, then build and implement the most robust – yet cost-effective — business continuity infrastructure for your business.

SIS collaborates with clients on disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC) strategy and recommends recovery plans to restore data quickly and accurately.  At SIS, we help you assess and document your core processes, develop a multi-tiered business continuity plan, and finally carry out that plan drawing on a proven implementation methodology and best practices. We often recommend business continuity solutions offering:

  • Continuity and resiliency assessments.
  • Enterprise business impact analyses.
  • Backup, availability and recovery analyses.
  • Resiliency plans and procedures development and validations.
  • Risk and vulnerability assessments.