Asset Maintenance: Convenient Inventory and

Contract Management Tools

Imagine an organization where your IT staff has total visibility and control over the asset maintenance supply chain. Where assets are not under- or over-covered, and administrators do not waste half a day searching for contract/warranty information.

SIS maintenance services address the key issues of compliance, budget, forecasting and proactive behaviors. As your technology needs change, these services allow you to easily add or remove products/services from a contract without the administrative headaches that come from multiple contract numbers. We consolidate these contracts into a single VCAM tool and customer portal supported by a dedicated managed maintenance services specialist. We also offer creative options – such as convenient hours, prepay discounts and extended terms with annual billing – so you can get the quick, affordable support you need.

Get top-tier inventory and lifecycle contract management benefits across your entire system:

  • One contract, one point of contact for all your IT assets.
  • Less overhead in maintaining assets.
  • Appropriate coverage and audit assurance.
  • No more unexpected time and material invoices.
  • Ability to integrate new acquisitions into the existing contract.
  • Extra time for your IT department to monitor production.
  • Manufacturer-level service without the administrative hassle.

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