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Integration Management

SIS Integration Management:

Multiple Platforms and Technologies

SIS brings more than 30 years of integration management experience helping clients bridge the gap across disparate systems including different languages, platforms and technologies.  We enable companies to rapidly connect their hybrid worlds with on-premise and off-premise delivery models (private and public clouds).

Whether it’s a physical, virtual or mobile environment, we leverage our process to solve your entire lifecycle management.¬† We develop solutions that enhance business application performance as business needs constantly change whether maximizing legacy application or integrating new technologies.

SIS simplifies complex cost structures by improving the flow of information across your organization to adjust and maximize ever-changing business requirements, reduce maintenance, integrate costs and bridge new technologies by:

  • Achieving faster ROI with effective management tools and leveraging existing assets and skills sets;
  • Reducing costs and process disruptions from data loss;
  • Facilitating rapid integration with asset inventory and system management tools;
  • Eliminating costly security breach exposures and insuring compliance through data integrity.

Key Integration Management Technologies

  • WebSphere MQ
  • WebSphere Portal
  • SharePoint
  • Custom Solutions using Java, .Net, PHP, RPG