SIS Mobility Solutions:

Design, Deploy and Manage Secure Multi-Mobile Platforms

Security. It’s arguably the number-one corporate concern in today’s highly mobile, highly collaborative environment.  SIS mobility solutions make it simple and affordable to design, deploy and manage secure multiple-mobile platform solutions including smart phones and tablets. Users can leverage the mobile devices they need to be productive at a significantly lower cost to the enterprise.

Our mobile solutions enable C-level executives to gain quicker and better access to business performance while empowering employees with increased messaging capabilities.  For instance, SIS is an early adopter of mobile technology solutions with vast experience across numerous platforms from simple to complex and from existing infrastructure to custom applications. Our continuous collaborative environment drives real results for your business by:

  • Integrating connectivity and security.
  • Supporting multiple mobile platform deployments.
  • Reducing risk of corporate data loss on compromised, lost or stolen mobile devices.
  • Decreasing IT overhead due to reduced management complexity.

Key Mobile Technologies:

  • iPad/iPhone
  • Lotus Traveler
  • Android
  • Blackberry