Data Security

Data security is the most important challenge faced by organizations today. Data is your most valuable asset. Your organization runs on information, much of it confidential. Securing that sensitive data is challenging yet vital. You must meet regulations set by numerous entities or face fines for non- compliance. How do you secure and protect your data across all of the channels it proliferates on web sites, email and social media – just to name a few?

At SIS, we believe that security is intrinsic to your business processes, development and daily operations. It should be factored into the initial design of any IT or critical platform solution. When you build security into the overall design of a system – it allows you to create an agile environment that will embrace changes.

Complex IT infrastructures require unique network and data security solutions. SIS provides customized, well-constructed solutions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems.

Services we provide:

  • Security assessments (all platforms).
  • Security awareness training.
  • Security policy development.
  • Implementation of Internet Security Systems (ISS).
  • Implementation of secured remote, VPN and wireless access solutions.
  • Implementation of spam firewalls, spyware protection and web filtering.
  • Implementation of application level security (TIM/TAM).

SIS’ preemptive approach allows your organization to securely, safely and confidently adopt new forms of technology.  Cloud computing and virtualization are more safely leveraged for cost benefit, innovation and shorter time to market.