Commvault Single Platform Architecture

Commvaults’ Simpana Software delivers the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to data management. Commvault is one product that contains individually licensable modules—all built on a single unifying code base and platform—to analyze, replicate, protect, archive and search your data.

Data growth has become so widespread, it is routinely accepted as normal. But normal does not mean optimal, or even functional, as enterprises worldwide are discovering.

Factor in unprecedented challenges and complexities brought on by changes inside the data center and IT is being asked to cut costs and generate more operational efficiency while delivering more value back to the business. Data center consolidation, rapid adoption of newer technologies like cloud and virtualization, and new compliance requirements are all adding to the chaos.

The result? Business information is at risk, agility is compromised, IT users are frustrated and costs are through the roof.

SIS and Commvault solutions can leverage the strengths of this single “common” platform, each module, deployed by itself or in combination with others, delivers unsurpassed feature-for-feature performance against alternative point-level solutions. And because modules are individually licensable, users have the flexibility to choose those that meet their current needs and activate additional modules as new needs emerge.