Infrastructure and Software Multi-Platform Assessments

You’ve made a significant financial commitment to your IT environment. Make sure it’s fully optimized with one of the many assessments SIS offers. Just like the car you own, your IT platforms need check-ups, tune-ups and preventative maintenance to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. The key to a successful software deployment is knowing what to expect and IT assessments are the answer. Knowing your system’s limitations and where there are opportunities for improvement – before you go live with the project — are crucial.

Our assessments fully evaluate your unique environment and provide a framework for automating many labor-intensive IT operations. The assessment includes collecting inventory, configuration, usage data, performance improvement opportunities and interactive workshops to facilitate knowledge transfer on best practices. Many times, we will complete an assessment and provide guidance to ou clients’ personnel to complete the recommended work.  We don’t try to lock our clients in to paying SIS to do the resulting work.

Our assessment services enable our clients to improve application servers, storage, security and network utilization, as well as standardize their computing environment. They have also paved the way for emerging capabilities such as automated provisioning, autonomic computing and business systems monitoring. We provide:

  • A better understanding of your true current state.
  • Mapping and cost justification of your desired future state.
  • Assurance that your software is deployed according to best practices.
  • Identification of root causes of performance issues.
  • Cost and right-sizing analysis for software licensing.
  • Preparation for consolidation, upgrades and migrations.
  • Performance diagnostic and discovery.

You’ll get a customized assessment diving into various categories to efficiently manage your IT environment, including.

  • Systems Management – monitoring system availability across multi-platform IT hardware, software and network resources.
  • Asset Management – systematic, multi-vendor asset management through consolidated assessment and tracking of hardware and software assets, including complex monitoring and usage environments.
  • Change Management – processes that help decrease risk for IT system downtime.
  • Service  Management – interlocking of testing, migration and production schedules for smooth integration and transition of new technologies into an existing data center environment.
  • Security Management – assessment of security strategies, policies and protocols for deploying security techniques.