Custom Development

Custom Software Solutions

Have a new idea, but don’t have the in-house developers or enough of them?

Not all organizations are the same. You work very hard to differentiate your company from the competition. SIS custom software solutions help you protect your competitive edge by not only increasing efficiencies and productivity, but by enabling your most unique differentiators.  Many of our clients see custom software development as a way to separate themselves from their competition — if it’s a unique way of doing business.

But sometimes the hardest part of accomplishing this isn’t the technical piece — it’s getting end users to actually USE it.  We get that. We leverage our SIS Flex-JAD expertise at the start of every project to best position the deployment for successful adoption within the organization — from C-Level to the help desk.

SIS Custom Development

SIS’ flexible custom software solutions make it incredibly easy to integrate innovative technology when you need to respond to new market opportunities, platform requirements, regulatory pressures and customer demands.  We assimilate your ideas and provide you with an executive prototype managing consensus among all stakeholders before development.

With SIS’ expertise across most mainstream languages and software frameworks, we also help our clients select which technology is most appropriate for their project, given their specific environment and functional requirements.  Whether it’s Java, .NET/C#, PHP or Domino.

We leverage our SIS Flex-JAD expertise to get custom development projects off to the right start by:

  • Assimilating your ideas and providing an executive prototype.
  • Managing consensus among all stakeholders BEFORE development.
  • Providing best practices in software application.