What’s Your Licence Cost-Avoidance Strategy?

If you don’t have one, you’re probably paying too much. SIS has identified hundreds of thousands of dollars in client savings – including one instance that slashed a client’s annual Microsoft licensing expense budget by 50 percent (a $750,000 per year savings). Let SIS bring these results to your bottom line by creating an effective cost avoidance strategy.

It starts with understanding how the Microsoft and IBM licensing games are played.  SIS helps you develop a strategy to avoid unnecessary costs.  Over the last decade, SIS has learned the necessary tips and tricks to deal with these limitations. Taking advantage of this licensing knowledge is an easy step to becoming more profitable.

Regardless of the license model and customer size, we have the expertise around software licensing for all IBM, Microsoft and Oracle core stack products (new license and renewals).  We provide valuable advice and counsel to our clients to enable them to make informed choices for their short and long term goals.

We are knowledgeable about the special incentives and promotions available to our clients  introduce creative license packaging if they save the client money. We understand the functional and technical differences and provide recommendations on specific product versions to best align with client needs.   By leveraging this expertise we help reduce costs and increase efficiencies.