Project Management

SIS Project Management: Hit the Ground Running with IT Productivity

When you deploy any IT project, you are responsible for a major and measurable decision. Make it count with professional and technical project management services from SIS.

Our project managers are chosen not only for their technical aptitude, but for their unbiased approach and PMP-based methodology.  SIS project managers  have a warm and engaging way of smoothly leading clients from concept to finished product. SIS’ project managers are far more than document-pushers and status reporters.  In addition to steering the project, they get their hands dirty in business analysis and testing work. They are experts at:

  • Structuring an iterative process for application development.
  • Implementing SCAD on the front end of larger projects.
  • Providing flexibility in format and frequency of milestones, benchmark status management and
  • Managing third party service providers to meet clients’ terms.

Depending on the size, scope and timeline of your project, SIS assigns full or part-time project managers to your IT initiative.  As trusted consultants we provide unbiased oversight which helps clients avoid tunnel vision. Project managers follow a rigorous approach to planning, controlling, scheduling and tracking your ROI – resulting in a faster time to productivity.