Consulting Methodology

SIS IT Consulting Methodology:

Flexible Joint Application Development (Flex-JAD)

SIS’ Flexible Joint Application Development (Flex-JAD) brings business stakeholders and IT together in a structured, yet collaborative effort to agree on project vision and scope. SIS has adopted and lives by a modified version of IBM’s JAD facilitation methodology. Our certified JAD facilitators were trained at IBM and provide resources at our locations or offsite. Our solutions work for large and small businesses and are highly customizable.

We’ve tailored our methodology to each client’s unique situation, from custom application design to strategies for application migrations.  SIS Flex-JAD brings user communities and IT communities together in a collaborative decision-making experience to ensure a top-down approach involving management, users and IT in SIS-led JAD-style sessions.


The SIS Flex-JAD methodology delivers solutions which significantly shorten development time and improve user satisfaction.  We bring outside perspective and sometimes ask “the dumb questions” which most often deliver fresh insight.