Application Support

Do you have adequate staff and application support services to cover your operating systems administration, network and DBA workloads?

Let SIS help you alleviate some of the issues you may encounter when you don’t have the staff or bandwidth to manage and support your applications.  We understand that operating systems are the backbone of your applications. No matter how limited you are on bandwidth or budget, effective and proactive management of your OS/databases should be a focal point of your IT strategy when it comes to application support.

We’ve staffed up so you don’t have to. SIS delivers customized application support through our onsite, certified engineer team specializing in Windows, UNIX, Linux and System i, as well as through in-network, security and DBA. We perform installation, monitoring and management of your business-critical applications, including:

  • Email and messaging.
  • Database administration and reporting services.
  • SQL Server.
  • WebSphere.
  • Lotus Notes.