Availability & Recovery

Availability and Recovery Architecture

Being highly available to client needs in technology is critical to your business.  Recovering from a disaster (or unexpected outage) needs to take the utmost priority. SIS’ availability and recovery solutions help you with solutions that include workspace facilities, data backup, data replication, disaster recovery (DR) service contracts and security. We offer platform-specific tool sets that are unique to multi-platforms.

Recovery on Demand

  • Reserved physical workspace and facilities to restore and recover.
  • Reserved recovery infrastructure for your infrastructure, operating system and system software.
  • Assistance and validation of customer disaster recovery (DR) plan


  • Remote off-site transactional data back up.
  • Dedicated, secure SAN-based storage for faster recovery.
  • Assistance and validation of customer disaster recovery (DR) plan.

Real-time Replication

  • Replication of all active systems, users and data libraries to support fail over on demand.
  • Network optimized – after initial copy of your data is acquired, only the changed data is replicated.